Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Bed and Breakfast Milan Central

Bed and Breakfast Central Milan is happy to host you and communicate Terms & Conditions.

The rules to be observed in the B&B are not only those provided for by law, but especially those dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

  1. Reservation
    At the time of room reservation is required a deposit (guarantee) of 50% by bank transfer or charging PayPal/Credit Card.
    The arrangements for paying the deposit will be notified by email to confirm availability.
    Later you will be sent the voucher confirming the booking of the room and describes all the services offered.
    Before confirming your reservation by email, we invite guests to take a look at our rules and highlight the acceptance.
  2. Arrival
    Please each guest to communicate by email al info@bebmilan.it or WhatsApp/SMS at +39 348 601 6797 the time of arrival and delays, the lack of notice may also cause long waits of which we can not accept complaints or refund requests.
    The room is available to guests from 12.00 to 21.00, except for the different needs which can be taken other agreements with the head of the B&B.
  3. Documents
    In order to be hosted at the B&B is essential exhibit, upon arrival, a recognition of the identity document (passport, identity card, driving license) must be valid for the recordings provided by law. The Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes violation of the provisions of the Criminal Code and authorizes us to ask for the immediate abolition of the B&B.
    The data of our guests are treated in accordance with current privacy legislation.
  4. Payment
    Once filled out a Form Notification will be asked for the balance of the stay must be paid in Cash or PayPal/Credit Card .
    The B&B does not have to issue any tax document (in respect to the rule of law). In order to prove your payment will be given a receipt stating the amount and non-fiscal data of your stay.
  5.  Keys delivery
    The head of the B&B will deliver to you the keys of the room and the keys of B&B (door and home) in case of loss there is a penalty of up to € 250.00 fully payable host, to change all the locks.
  6. Cancellation, Early Departures, No show.
    In case of cancellation 30 days before the stay, the entire deposit will be returned.
    In case of cancellation less than 29 days before the stay, the advance payment will be withheld.
    In case of cancellation within 7 days before the arrival and during the stay will be deducted the entire amount.
    If you are forced to cancel the booking, you must send a written notice by mail to the B&B.
    In case of early departures will not be refunded the amount paid for the entire stay.
    In case of no show (no show), without any communication, we will charge the full amount of the booked stay.
  7. Breakfast
    Breakfast can be enjoyed in the private room approximately between 8.30 and 10.00 AM. You can use the Kitchen just for the preparation of breakfast. It is allowed to use the kitchen for the preparation of complex meals like lunch and dinner.
    NOTA BENE: Usually the Breakfast is included for bookings of short periods, maximum one seventh. For longer periods, with prices discounted day, breakfast is not included and must always agreed.
  8. Kitchen and own foods
    You can use the Kitchen just for the preparation of breakfast. It is allowed to use the kitchen for the preparation of meals like lunch and dinner in accord with other guests and the owners .
    It is recommended to turn off the stove and appliances whenever you use them.
    You can use fridge where you’ll find everything you need for your breakfast.
    For any need, ask the person in charge of the B&B.
  9. Toilet, Air conditioners, Lights
    It is recommended that a proper and civil use of the toilets not throwing anything in the toilet.
    It is recommended to switch off the lights and air conditioners whenever you leave the room.
    Damages caused by non-observance of the correct use of the above will be charged to the guests.
  10. Respect others
    In accordance with the Regulation of the B & B and the rules dictated by the Municipal Police, it is required to observe silence during the hours between 2.00 and 4.00 PM and from 10.00 PM to 8.00 AM.
  11. Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs
    In all the internal areas provided by the B & B is absolutely forbidden to smoke and consume alcohol or drugs. Otherwise, will be subject to the penalties of the law.
    The observance of this rule stems from the non smokers or future guests. It is standard for fire prevention.
  12. Cleaning
    The cleaning of areas and bathrooms are taken every day (except Sundays and holidays) from 11.00 to 12.00 AM, if busy cleaning will be done the next day. The cleaning of the rooms will be made ​​every 3 days. For periods longer than one week will be provided only change sheets and towels for the bathroom once a week.
    Please have your belongings in order to allow such cleaning.
    The common area is tidied every day.
  13. Lost objects, theft, damage
    The B&B disclaims any responsibility for lost property, theft or damage to objects of your property left in rooms.
    The B&B disclaims any responsibility for any damage to persons, animals or things.
    Any damage caused to the B&B will be declared and settled immediately to the manager.
    It is not allowed to introduce in the room objects that are not proper for their own use, unless asked for the manager.
  14. Pets
    Not allowed
  15. Departures
    On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated no later than 10.00 AM to enable persons to do the cleaning.
    Of course guests can continue to stay in the common parts.

It is strictly forbidden to receive visits and more guests than those who stay.

We are confident of your kind cooperation remain at your disposal for any clarification and wish you a happy stay at B&B Milan

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