Course Feldenkrais Method

Course Feldenkrais Method

in Bed and Breakfast Milan Central we practice Feldenkrais Method.

The Feldenkrais Method is’ a discipline of movement education, is neither a gym nor therapy.

You become responsible for their own well-being, making long-lasting benefits obtained reflected on posture, how to move, to sleep, in the synthesis of life.

is helpful to reduce the physical and emotional stress and is a valuable support for trauma, pain and neurological disorders. It helps to improve the artistic expression in dance, theater, singing and sports performance.

Has no contraindications because it respects the characteristics, limitations and potential of each.

Feldenkrais practice can lead to the improvement of:

  • Perception of themselves
  • Awareness organization motor
  • Expansion of self-image
  • Posture effective action designed
  • Economy, quality and harmony of movement
  • Flexibility and mental and physical
  • Efficiency, vitality and well-being
  • Self-confidence, independence, ability to relate
  • Learning skills in all fields
  • Improvement of performance art and sports

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